Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Double The Happiness

Here's a sneak peak of the wedding invitation that I designed for my old roommate from college and my maid of honor. Sylv was the one who studied with me until the wee hours of morning for that big Marketing test, the one who always had the other half of my chocolate chip cookie, and the one who buttoned my French silk wedding dress at my wedding. I really wanted to create a beautiful and unique package for the person who have been through so much with me. It started off with a completely different design and color theme than the one you see in the photos. It was modern and simple, but wasn't coming together as a whole. When I found out that Sylv wanted the double-happiness character and the color red worked into the invitation, I decided to just start from scratch. Double Happiness is a Chinese character traditionally used in weddings. It is always in red as red is the color of luck and happiness in most Asian cultures. I wanted to create a design that will work harmoniously with the character and the color without it being tacky, and is yet still contemporary. Hence the long, skinny shape of the invitation, I think it gives the whole package a refreshing modern look, while the wine red color adds depth and still remain celebratory and lucky ;). Sylv picked out the metallic silver #10 envelopes for the invitations, I think it works great with the rest of the package and it adds a bit of shimmery interest.
Sylv and Ray are getting married in September, I'm super happy and wish them the best of everything life has to offer. We are almost finished with the invitations, all there left to do is assembly, (all those pieces were hand cut by the way, piece by piece, all 525 of them. Can you say paper cuts?) I'm really happy with the result and hope everyone else will love it as well.